Digging for Treasure / Schatgraven 03b

This publication is the result of two years of student work undertaken at the Amsterdam Academy by students in landscape architecture.

“Schatgraven” or digging for treasure is about fieldwork and analysis – and learning to look in new ways. Students were asked to find subjects of personal interest after site visits, ranging from different smells in the landscape  to gradations of  neglect and care in the environment.

The results are personal maps and analytical explorations of what was seen and perceived.  Through this personal map work students learn to graphically materialize their own thinking process with a combination of complete openness to place and cartographic precision.

Featuring the work of:

Inge Vleemingh, Leen Vantuyne, Marlies Rijken, Marijne Beenhakker, Donald Marskamp, Ramon Postma, Joep Meijer, Yuka Yoshida, Oinny Atahuichi Torrez, Gert-Jan Wisse, Marit Janse, Anna Sobiech, Milda Jusaite, Matt Colby, Judith van der Poel, Niek Heijboer, Chenxi Bu, and Jacques Abelman

Studio Leaders: Pepijn Godefroy and Joyce van den Burg

Book design: La4SALE

The entire book is available for download here:

Download Schatgraven web book


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